How to perform Hajj

What s Hajj?

The holy pilgrimage of Hajj is involved a series of formalities and rituals.Some they provides a spiritual, emotional, and physical challenge for the Hajis. For example, a Hajihave to walk between 5km-15km per day, as Hajj needs some walking between locations in and around the proximity of Makkah. Much of the part of Hajjis performed at the Masjid al-Haram, where the Kaaba is located. Hajj is fifth pillar of Islam, and for many, it is anachievement in a lifetime events.

As the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“Whoever performs Hajj for the sake of Allah and does not utter any obscene speech or do any evil deed, will go back (free of sin) as his mother bore him.”

What Happens On Hajj?

Muslims who perform the holy pilgrimage of Hajj are needed to undergo a series of formalities and rituals which each have their own unique purpose and wisdom.

Here are the 18 steps of Hajj at a glance:

Preparation and Intention

Enter state of Ihram

Tawaf x7

Safa and Marwa

Clip/Shave Hair (Umrah ends)

Resting and Praying

Enter state of Ihram

Arrive at Mina

Day of ‘Arafah

Muzdalifah (under the night sky)

Rami (stoning of the devil)


Shave Head

Tawaf al-Ifadha

Rami (stoning of the devil)

Spend night at Mina

Rami (stoning of the devil)

Farewell Tawaf al-Wida